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Tuba Playlist on YouTube:

Here is a playlist of over 30 tuba players including Carol Jantsch, Sergio Carolino, Nat McIntosh and many others. There's a little of everything in here!

Tuba Master Class Quotes:

Warren Deck

Warren Deck is the former Principal Tuba of the New York Philharmonic and also used to teach at Juilliard. He currently teaches at the University of Denver.

2015 Northeast Regional Tuba Euphonium Conference - This is a class he gave at NERTEC hosted at Ithaca College.

Arnold Jacobs

Arnold Jacobs is the former Principal Tuba of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and is considered one of the great brass pedagogues of all time.

Carol Jantsch

Carol Jantsch is the Principal Tuba of the Philadelphia Orchestra as well as the Professor of Tuba at Temple Univeristy and Yale University.

Sam Pilafian

Sam Pilafian was a founding member of the Empire Brass Quintet and is currently the tuba player for the Boston Brass.

David Zerkel

David Zerkel is a former member of the Pershing's Own United States Army Band and is one of the best tuba and euphonium teachers in the world, currently at the University of Georgia.

2014 George Mason University

Tuba Players Interviewed on The Brass Junkies Podcast:

The Brass Junkies is a podcast I host with my former Boston Brass colleage Lance LaDuke which features interviews with the best brass players in the world. Below is a listing of all of the tuba players who have been interviewed to date. You can also find every episode of The Brass Junkies here or through your favorite podcast app.

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