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In-depth interviews with the best trombone players and teachers in the world on a variety of subjects. All in one book.


What are band directors saying about the Band Director's Guide Series?

"Andrew Hitz’s Band Director’s Guide to Everything Tuba is a must read for band directors of all experience levels working with every age of student.  Even the most experienced educators will find the text pedagogically groundbreaking…challenging some of our most basic assumptions and forcing us to approach our teaching in ways different than the way we were taught. This valuable resource demystifies the tuba in a way that no instrumental methods course could hope to approach and I look forward to reading future volumes in this outstanding series."

—Chip de Stefano, Director of Bands at McCracken Middle School and Member of the NBA Board of Directors

The book features 11 in-depth interviews with some of the world's leading trombone players and teachers including:

  • Joe Alessi (New York Philharmonic) on common mistakes and slide technique
  • Ralph Sauer (Los Angeles Philharmonic) on trombone basics and breathing
  • John Rojak (American Brass Quintet) on all things bass trombone and chamber music
  • Michael Davis (International Jazz Soloist) on jazz, chamber music and literature
  • Harry Watters (U.S. Army Band) on teaching improvisation
  • Pat Sheridan (President's Own Marine Band) on breathing and anatomy
  • Lance LaDuke (Boston Brass and U.S. Air Force Band) on switching from euphonium
  • Steve Dillon (Owner of Dillon Music) on trombones and accessories
  • Andy Bove (Bove Audio) on recording equipment and techniques for any budget
  • Greg Biba (Middle School Director for over 30 Years) on trombone repair
  • Chip De Stefano (Board Member of National Band Association) on a trombone playing band director’s observations on teaching trombone