TBJ50: Alex Lapins and Tony Tortora

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This was perhaps the funniest episode we've done yet. A listener took us up on a challenge we never thought anyone would ever do: perform an audition behind a screen on a vuvuzela. We were true to our word and had the University of Tennessee student on the podcast but didn't tell him that his teacher was on the line, too. Hilarity ensued. Dr. Lapins also went into some great details about preparing for a college auditions.

From the show notes:

Alex Lapins, Assistant Professor of Tuba/Euphonium at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville and Tony Tortora, a senior music education major and virtuosic vuvuzela-ist from Alex’ studio, join Andrew & Lance to discuss what happened and why.
The email subject heading was “Challenge Accepted” and referred to the offhanded comment made in the TBJ Joy Tartell interview. Blind auditions and vuvuzelas were mentioned. There may or may not be video. Which looks like this:
YouTube Awesomeness!
Additionally, based on a request from one of our great Patreon Patrons, Russell Etters, we unpack the ins and outs of preparing for a college audition. Thanks Russell!