TBJ41: Dennis Askew

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Dennis is one of the best tuba players and teachers you'll ever met. It was only a matter of time before he was running the whole show at UNCG because they don't come much smarter than him, which you can tell from this interview.

From the show notes:

Dennis Askew, Director of the School of Music at UNC Greensboro, joins Andrew & Lance to explain how a lowly tuba player gets a gig like that. Dennis has been teaching at the college level for over 25 years and we explore how he went from a newbie faculty member (he was young and cheap) to a newly minted Director (he worked to become organized, consistent and trustworthy, no mean task for a tuba player.)

When asked how he prepared for the interview, Dennis reported to listening to roughly ten hours-worth of shows. When asked what he thought of them, he reported, “There were none that I hated.” What an endorsement.