TBJ23: David Zerkel

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David Zerkel is, in my opinion, one of the handful of best tuba soloists in the world. He is a phenomenal musician and musical storyteller who just happens to play the tuba. Don't get me wrong, he is also one of the best tuba operators in the world, but it is his storytelling that leaves me in awe and usually headed to the practice room after hearing him perform.

From the show notes:

Dave Zerkel, Professor of Tuba/Euphonium at the University of Georgia joins Andrew & Lance to discuss how he nearly became a meteorologist snake doctor. He recounts the path of his career, from standing very still in the Army Band, to teaching at Illinois State (after the retirement of his teacher, Ed Livingston) and on to his current position at the University of Georgia.

He also talks about how the industry has changed in the last twenty years, how he helps guide his students to success and talks about what its like to play with the Brass Band of Battle Creek.