TBJ28: Dan Perantoni

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Dan Perantoni! What is there left to say about this guy? A true legend in the tuba world. He's done it all from teaching tuba and euphonium at Indiana University for over 20 years to a spectacular playing career. He has enough stories about the tuba world and the music business to fill about 10 episodes.

From the show notes:

Brass legend Dan Perantoni, Provost Professor of Tuba at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, joins Andrew & Lance to discuss how he initially dreamed of being a jazz pianist. Thankfully for all of us, he ended up participating in nearly every important milestone in the development of nearly every important milestone in tuba-dom in the last 50 years. Dan shares stories about Harvey Phillips, Rich Matteson, Don Knaub and the St. Louis Brass Quintet. He explains how he got into Eastman on sousaphone, details his approach to playing and teaching and how he makes meatballs by the hundred and tomato sauce by the gallon.

This episode was “Stolen from Dan Perantoni.”