TBJ35: Patrick Sheridan

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Pat is one of my best friends and one of my biggest inspirations as both a musician and an entrepreneur. His career is unparalleled between being a member of the President's Own Marine Band and one of the most in-demand tuba soloists in the world. They broke the mold with this guy. And while I've never taken a single lesson from him, I consider him one of my teachers. He's that good.

From the show notes:

World renowned tuba player Patrick Sheridan sits down with Andrew & Lance and the three of them foolishly try to have a normal conversation.

From his early start as the renowned soloist on "Hey Mr. Banjo" in elementary school, to his time in The President's Own Marine Band and his MBA from the University of Michigan, Pat details his journey.

He is currently the conductor of Salt River Brass in Arizona and is one of the founders of the Band Director Academy in Oregon. Oh, and he and Lance may have kissed once. Or twice.